2019 Annual Educational Training Seminar Presentations

Please click the links below to download the presentations (in alphabetical order) from the 103rd Annual Educational and Training Seminar “Knowing the Ropes:  Improving Professionalism in Public Health through Continuing Education” held May 6-9th, 2019 at the Westin Annapolis Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland.

Activated Charcoal in Foods (PDF – 1794 KB)

AFDO Address and Update (PDF – 1083 KB)

Alexa – Bring Me Dinner (PDF – 2333 KB)

An Update on Food Safety Trends and Issues in Canada (PDF – 1448 KB)

Behavior Based Food Safety Training (PDF – 4241 KB)

Economic Impact of Large Recalls (PDF – 82 KB)

How Retailers Engage with Customers to Keep Food Safety Top of Mind (PDF – 2983 KB)

Mobile Food Vending Regulation Part 1 (PDF – 1343 KB)

Mobile Food Vending Regulation Part 2 (PDF – 1195 KB)

Retail Program Standards Funding and the Future of Funding Opportunities (PDF – 701 KB)

Salmonella Outbreak Related to Kratom (PDF – 1041 KB)

The Ready-to-Eat vs. Not Ready-to-Eat Conundrum (PDF – 3688 KB)